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ZERO POTENTIAL Extrem Demotivierender Kalender | UNDATIERT | 52 Wochen

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Introducing the Ultimate Demotivational Calendar: Embrace the Mediocrity

Welcome to your newest desk companion, the Ultimate Demotivational Calendar, where we believe in setting realistic expectations – very, very low ones. Why aim for the stars when you can comfortably sit on the couch of averageness? Each month, be inspired to lower the bar with carefully curated sarcastic quotes that remind you just how average life can truly be.

Demotivating Quotes DIN A6 Desk Calendar.

12 Months of Sarcasm: A year's supply of the most demotivating, sarcastic quotes that money can buy. Perfect for those moments when you need a good laugh or a reminder not to take life too seriously.

High-Quality Melancholy: Printed on premium paper that's as durable as your will to work after a three-day weekend. Each page is guaranteed to withstand tears of laughter or despair.

Aesthetically Underwhelming: Our designers worked tirelessly to create a look that's as uninspiring as the quotes themselves. Expect a color palette as vibrant as a cubicle wall.

Why You Need It:

Reality Check: Perfect for those who’ve had enough of inspirational quotes plastered over pictures of mountains. Perhaps you've noticed that pictures of mountains aren't motivating either.

Office Decor: Spice up your workspace with something that truly reflects the soul-crushing reality of your life.

Gift Idea: The ideal present for colleagues, friends, or anyone who appreciates a good dose of reality wrapped in sarcasm.

  • Made in Germany
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2024 Tischkalender

  • DIN A6 Format
  • Edles Design
  • Hochwertiger Druck
  • Made in Germany