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ZERO POTENTIAL 2024 Extremely Demotivating Calendar

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For everyone who doesn't want additional motivation! With twelve sayings that will plunge your mood into the darkest abyss.

Demotivating sayings DIN A4 wall calendar.

Are you tired of reading the same tired motivational sayings and life-affirming wisdom that are more cotton candy than substance? Then our “Anti-Life Coach Motivation Calendar” is just right for you! This calendar cuts through all the pseudo-inspirational phrases. We take all the affirmations and gleefully throw them into the trash of reality - served with a generous spoonful of sarcasm and a wink that says, "Yes, life really is that humble sometimes."

12 months, 12 unvarnished truths: Each month greets you with a saying so deliciously discouraging that it makes you laugh out of sheer desperation. Genuine humor for everyone who has had enough of 'Live, Laugh, Love' signs and would rather have a good dose of sarcasm in their lives instead of happiness and sunshine.

That's why, with a mixture of pride and resignation, we present our unique demotivating monthly calendar. A humorous declaration of war on the constant pressure to always be happy. Do you feel like a born loser? Then let our calendar full of humor pull you a little deeper into the abyss!

High-quality paper and a design that stands out wherever you go - perfect for making your "mindful" friends' eyes roll. If you're going to stop taking life too seriously, do it in style!

  • Made in Germany
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2024 wall calendar

  • DIN A4 format
  • Noble design
  • High quality print
  • Made in Germany

Your daily reality check!

Whether you're using it as a fun piece of decor for your home or office or as a gift for someone who needs a dash of fun in their life, our demotivational wall calendar is perfect for that.